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Lead Paint Removers

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Allov-It Vertical


Rock Miracle Allov-It Vertical Product #576 is an environmentally safer formulated paste for removal of lead paint from wood, metal and masonry surfaces.This product does not contain methylene chloride, is non-flammable and is water washable.

Everything Goes


Rock Miracle Everything Goes is an alkaline formula which contains no methylene chloride, methanol or chlorinated solvents. It is water rinsable and non-flammable. This product is a slow-working paint stripper which remains active for 24-48 hours and will dissolve heavy accumulations of paint without a cover.

Multi-Coat Liquefier


Rock Miracle Product #596 is a paste form stripper that liquifies your paints and coatings on a variety of surfaces, removing multiple coats in a single application. It is particularly well suited for stripping lead paint. Surface must be neutralized after using this remover.
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  • Rock Miracle lead paint removers reflect years of research in the proper methods of lead paint removal
  • Products strip multiple layers at once for quick removal and minimal exposure
  • Powerful products stay wet for many hours

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